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Welcome to our complete NEW Community for PMP Aspirants, Credential Holders and all People who are interested in practicing world class project management! This Site is just started to build up and still in a kind of BETA Modus, but of course you already can join us! Feel free to use the already exisiting content or better, sign up, create your own account and contribute to our community!

Your Membership is highly appreciated and of course it is completely FREE!

You may sign in via the "Login/Sign In" Formular in the right top corner or just click HERE! If you become a member of our new ProjectManagement.Plus-Family, you automaticly participate in our Newsletter Service, so you won't miss any update from now on (you can cancel the Newsletter at any time, if you do not longer want to receive it!).

Now let's take a closer look on what you could await in the near future from our new community:
  • brandnew and absolutly unique - the interactive "Checklists" (look under "Resources"; you need to be registered)
  • "complete guides" which covers all PMP Certification aspects
  • indepth-informations regarding all PMI Certificationspmplus logo blau gross 2
  • a lot of ressources to earn free and paid PDUs for re-certification
  • high-quality articles which covers all the PMBoK Guide Content
  • a lot of sample questions for all knowledge areas
  • complete mock exams
  • PMBoK Guide aligned project management templates
  • moderated community board
  • high-competence discussions
  • and a lot more ... 


Just create a free account (in the top menu, right corner or just click HERE!) and become part of this brand-new, upcoming PMP community just from the beginning!

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!



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pmp_admin replied the topic: #41 3 years 3 weeks ago
Hello Guys,

since we are a very new website/community there is not that much traffic and action here. But we are growing consitently (not only registrated users, but also daily visitors) and we promise, there will be a lot more traffioc and action soon.

Here is a little overview what we have to offer so far:

The complete guides: 6 "complete guides" about all of the PMP certification aspacts so far; we will add another one shortly:

NEWs-Section: We added recently a News-Section, where we will provide important News out of the PMI/PMP/Certification world and also about project management in general.

Activity-Stream: We added an activity-Stream to the site, where you can see as an overview the most recent activitys by the community.

What we are working on:

We will add completly FREE sample question tests in the beginning of the next year.
We will also add a absolutly UNIQUE and NEW feature which will very usefull for all the PMP aspirants out here!
And last but not least (so far) we will add a bonus point system to the site, where you can collect only by being active here on the site. You will have the ability to use these points for VIP content in future.

And we are planning a lot more stuff for later in 2016 and furhter on.

So please stay tuned.



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