5 Steps Guide to becoming PMP® certified

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PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is globally the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.

You can find PMP's leading projects in nearly every country and, unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the PMP® is truly global. As a PMP, you can work in virtually any industry, with any methodology and in any location.

The PMP can also provide a significant advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential. Among survey respondents to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, (https://goo.gl/1KDfHb ) those with a PMP certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification.

Employers benefit as well. When more than one-third of their project managers are PMP-certified, organizations complete more of their projects on time, on budget and meeting original goals. (Pulse of the Profession® study, PMI, 2015.) (https://goo.gl/bpPSLr )

The PMP signifies that you speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide. Become a PMP and become a project hero!

Here are the steps how to:

Step 1: Learn about PMP® Certification and apply

Step 2: Get started with your PMP® certification preparation. Make a plan! Read the PMBOK Guide, a good PMP prep book (in companion) and use other recommended resources:

STEP 2.1: Make a plan

This article shows you how to create your very own study plan based on lessons learned of thousands of students!

  • Enroll in our “Project Manager’s PMP Exam prep guidance”-program!

As an alternative to create your own study plan, why not using ours! We have created a guidance program which will guide you through the complete preparation process in a structured and professional way! And the best – it is completely for REE! No cost and no risk for you. You can start and cancel at any time. You may have a look here:

Let me be your PMP guide program – totally FREE!: https://goo.gl/pPDzms


STEP 2.2: Get the PMBoK Guide PLUS a good prep book (at least one) and work through them thoroughly

As a PMI member you will have access to a digital and personalized version of the actual PMBoK Guide version. Otherwise you need to buy a paper based version.

  • PMBOK Knowledge Areas for Project Management Guide 5th Edition - Process Groups and Processes - The Complete Guide http://goo.gl/I2Eusc

Here are some additional article regarding this topic:


PMP Material NOT in the PMBOK® Guide http://goo.gl/cUNUZb

PMP Exam Tip - Don't use too many PMP Exam Prep Books http://goo.gl/e33HFQ

How to remember PMI-isms from the PMBoK Guide: http://goo.gl/TQ7UaX

PMP Exam Tips: Always use the PMBoK Guide’s approach, when answering PMP Exam (sample) questions: http://goo.gl/kmQ42m

 PMP Exam Tip: Read and Understand Your Books http://goo.gl/geyota

STEP 2.3: Choose additional prep material and resources based on your personal learning preferences and behaviors

There are tons of resources available out there. Don’t get confused and mislead about it. Think about your personal learning preferences and choose the material that fits to them. Do not choose too many resources and get overwhelmed! Sometimes more is less.

For some guidance about this topic please refer to the following article:

The 12 Most Popular PMP Study Materials for your PMP Exam Preparation http://goo.gl/x22lDd


Step 3: Took a PMP® preparation course (live or online) and get you’re required 35 contact hours of PM training.

You should already read about it here (refer to step 1 of this 5 step guide):

  • PMP® Requirements – 35 contact hours  (The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education ) ☛ http://goo.gl/dTL5i2
Next question you have to answer yourself: “Should I go by a live class/bootcamp or is it better to use a online course for self-learning (or something in between …)?!"

Once again, this depends on your very own learning preferences and behaviors. Some of us do need a teacher in front of us and others prefer to learn completely by their own.

Here are some articles with helpful information and guidance regarding this topic:

 If you consider going for a online course then we would highly recommend the “PM PrepCast” by the well-known Cornelius Fichtner:

Prep Cast: http://goo.gl/KUPFBG

 You may try it for free: Free Prep Cast: http://goo.gl/xyXTT5


But there are some good alternative options as well like those ones here:

PMP Online Course by KnowledgeHut https://goo.gl/RRQS6m 

PMP Online Course by SimpliLearn https://www.linkedin.com/redir/invalid-link-page?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo%2egl%2FNd4GJe

Izenbrigde PMP Course: http://goo.gl/9kjrXK


Step 4: Finalize your preparation: Utilize a professional online Exam simulator. Analyze and enhance your results. Use flashcards and study tables, review your notes from class and take lots of practice exams.

Practice, practice, practice – cause practice is the key!

We can’t underline that more! And we would recommend NOT ONLY doing as much sample questions as you can, cause practice is the key! Furthermore you should go for really SIMULATING the exam. It is not an easy job to do 200 (more or less difficult) Questions in a time frame of 4 Hours. Those 4 Hours could get really long and/or you could run out of time in case you will hang on to long to one very difficult/complex question for instance.So, you should train your time management for the exam also.

You can do so with those tons of free sample question available on the internet, but in our experience, a professional tool which provides you exactly the exam circumstances, is much better for this. Yes, it may take a little invest, but from our point of view and our experience this is priceless.

We would like to recommend you the exam simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, which provides you ✪ 1.800 high quality PMP questions and which gives you ✪ high flexibility in how to train your questions up to max. ✪ 9 fully loaded and timed exam simulations, each with ✪ 200 individual questions.

You may have a look here: PM Exam Simulator http://goo.gl/9jh79N 

You can earn an exclusive 10% discount on this one by using the code MARKUSQ117 while checking out!

To get an idea of what you can expect, please use the free version to try out: ☛ http://goo.gl/SorPfD

And again there are some other options available out there which are also good to use for this:

Pmaspire Exam Simulator:

Package Name: PLATINUM

15% Discount Code: MK15PASS

Please go to the following link for registration for the PLATINUM Package!: ☛   http://goo.gl/FrCEp8 

Other PMAspire Simulator packages:

You can find an overview for all available PMAspire Exam Simulator Packages here: ☛   http://projectmanagement.plus/en/ressources/pmaspire-exam-simulator

The discount code MK15PASS applies to all packages!

Refinem Exam Simulator: ☛  https://examprep.refinem.com/home

claim a 10% Discount - use bonus code: Markus2017


Step 5: Take the exam and earn your PMP®!

 If you have done all those steps you should really be well prepared for the exam! Here are some final tips and recommendations for you:

The Secret of Creating Your PMP Brain Dump

PMP Exam Tips: How to Handle Your Actual PMP Exam Day

 All those tips and even more PLUS a structured study guide PLUS additional checklists (like an “Exam Day Count down” for instance …) PLUS Expert advice PLUS a great community of PMP aspirants … this all you can get by enrolling in our completely FREE “Project Manager’s Exam Prep Guidance” –Program:

Ashampoo Snap 2017.05.02 13h51m51s 002

Let me be your PMP guide program – totally FREE!:


Already more than 500 PMP aspirants trust in us.



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