How to earn your 60 PDU's for re-certification

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PDU Earning Advice

If you are interested in this topic, we assume that you have already done your PMP! Like we know by our own expeience, the feeling right after receiving the message that you have done it, was priceless and worth all the effort, right?! That is, what we have felt, when we earned the PMP batch.

Celebrate and enjoy this success! We are sure you deserve it!

But like you may already know: After certification is just right before RE-CERTIFICATION!

First it seems to be more than enough time (3 Years) to earn the needed 60 PDU’s, but you shouldn’t underestimate this challenge (like you didn’t with your PMP preparation, right?).

You should make a plan and just start right NOW earning your PDU’s for re-certification. We help you and provide a little guide with tipps and tricks on how to do that - Step for Step!

EarnPDUHere we go:

First Step: Review the official PMI-site about earning and claiming your PDU’s:

Second Step:
Review these links about how to maintain your credential:

☛  ✪How To Maintain Your PMP Certification in 3 Easy Steps

12 easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP Recertification

Third Step:
Learn about the upcoming changes (valid from Dec. 1st 2015!):

2015 Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Updates:

To get a picture of the upcoming changes see also “The road to Renewal” with three examples on how you can manage your renewal aligned to the upcoming changes:

Finally here are our recommendations for earning your PDU’s:

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