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  • Kavya Gupta:

    "This is one of the awesome program that i enrolled for during my PMP journey. Many thanks to Markus for giving me a chance to be a part of this program and I’d like to thank him for playing an important part in the success of my PMP journey. I have been greatly enriched by his input, expertise and knowledge.

    "Let me be your PMP guide" is excellently delivered with well-timed breaks to go through the content of each knowledge area specified for each week with a well-presented material and I highly recommend every PMP aspirant to enrol for this program which has ZERO cost investment. ...."

  • Mª. Eugenia Labajos Fernández:

    "The program 'let me be your PMP guide' has provide me with a helpful tool to organize my study for the PMP exam. Besides, the ongoing support of Markus Klein has helped me keep the motivation high.

    I really appreciate this program and strongly recommend it to anyone who is planning to take the PMP exam."

  • Visuvanathan Kandanathan

    "I would like to thank Markus for providing me an opportunity to be part of this wonderful program « Let me be your PMP prep guide ».

    This program is well structured and timed for PMP aspirants to follow and succeed in the exam. It provides much needed guidance in having a planned approach :

    • to understand the PMBOK topics
    • to identify the gaps and
    • to overcome them.

    Thanks once again for your continuous support during my preparation journey. I wish all future PMP aspirants success. "

  • Raijni Lalotra

    "Hi Markus ,

    Yes , I've bagged the coveted title . I Want to really thank you for all the support/ assistance provided during my journey of bagging this title .

    Your program is really to the point and unique , that has contributed to the success of cracking this exam .

    I really appreciate your regular follow up without a miss . A big thank you and the program you offered :)

    Regards Rajni Lalotra , PMP "

  • Shailesh Karnik

    "Markus’ innovative program is a great source of information to anyone preparing for the PMP certification.

    Markus is like a personal trainer , always on hand to help out, guide and motivate you towards your goal.

    Highly recommended !

    Thank you Markus !

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    Project Manager's PMP Exam prep guidance - FREE!

    Written by pmp_ admin. Posted in FREE

    red line

    Preparing for the PMP Exam requires time and focus. This can be a challenge especially when you are so busy at work that you need to "steal" time to study.

    And it gets even harder if you don't know where to start and how to best prepare. So isn't it nice that you can have someone guide you through this challenging process? Someone with a proven, focused, and methodical plan?

    So, just let us coach you on what you have to study: week after week - step for step! Let us be your guide - your "red line"!

    You learn about best practices and a proven approach that you can apply to your studies. We point the way. You can confidently follow.


    We have supported more than 500 PMP aspirants already and the community is continously growing! ely full unfortunately. Since we have brought our program online, we have unlimited seats available - so do not wait and join this great opportunity!

    We looking ahead to guide your way to PMP credentials!


    • Over the next few weeks (we recommend 1 section per week, but you will make the pace!) you will work through the sections In this sections are included:

      • reading assignments
      • step-by-step descriptions
      • Detailed explanations
      • Tipps and tricks
      • prep material recommendations
      • Links
      • Articles
      • best practices
      • checklists
      • and much more
      • all based on the most current PMBOK® Guide

      and all this applys to all the PMP aspects across all knowledge areas and all project processes.

      And in the upcoming "PREMIUM" version of the course you will get additionally:

      • Detailed explanations fo specific concepts
      • addtionally tips and tricks and prep "secrets"
      • Plans
      • addtional Articles
      • additonal best practices
      • additonal checklists
      • ready to use Templates for each Knowledge Area
      • and a set of high quality sample questions at the end of each section!
      • all based on the most current PMBOK® Guide

      PS: THe "PREMIUM" Version is expected towards Mid of 2017 and anybody who enrolls in the FREE version before the "PREMIUM" Version was released will get the opportunity for an upgrade at very low cost!
      • You will not get lost! As a project manager, you know of the importance of having a plan. This is your plan, your "red line" to prepare for the exam.
      • Stay focused: You don't have to worry anymore about where you are at or what comes next in your studies. Just follow the step-by-step descriptions.
      • You will profit from the expereince of hundreds and thousands who have done PMP already.
      • Your regular study assignments will make your study a routine and makes it easy to follow.
      • Increase your motivation by avoiding frustration, cause you always know that you are on the right track!
      • Save time: Creating your own personal study plan from scratch could be tedious and time consuming. Use this program and you will have much more time for your studies.
      • Be confident! By using this program you never have to ask yourself "Have I thought of everything and am I studying enough?"
      • Be ready! Our program will show you how you can figure out if you are ready to go for it!"
      • Be successfull! There is still no guarantee for passing the exam (no one can give you this!) but while using our program you could increase the chance for passing immensivly."
    • How will it work?
      Only thing you have to do is to enroll in our online program:

      Let me be your PMP guide program – totally FREE!:

      We have brought our course (formaly it was an email course) completely online in cooperation with OnlinePMCOurses.

      This has many advantages and benefits for you. Do not hesitate - the registration is done within 2 minutes and you can start right away.

      That's it! Just that easy! No cost, no complicate registration, no additional work for you.

      Just try out! You can cancel it whenever you want.

      And we do already work on a PREMIUM Version of the course also, with addtional benefits like Templates, comparison cheets, checklists and a lot more. Anyone who enrolls in the FREE version now will get an option to enroll in the PREMIUM version for very low cost!






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    ARmokha wrote: I want to join the PMP Free guide. Thanks

    Hello ARmokha,

    thanks for asking.

    Please refer to this website:


    and follow the advice given there.

    Thanks and warmregards,

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    ARmokha replied the topic: #145 1 year 11 months ago
    I want to join the PMP Free guide. Thanks
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    pmp_admin replied the topic: #117 2 years 2 months ago

    alugoti wrote: would like to join, please add me

    Hi alugoti,

    to be placed on the waiting list you have to follow the advice on the "let me be your PMP guide" site.

    Thank you very much.
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    alugoti replied the topic: #116 2 years 2 months ago
    would like to join, please add me
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    fmgmagri wrote: How can I participate in this program?
    Can you send me directions?

    Thank you


    Hello Florence,

    thanks for asking.
    Please go to this website:


    and follow the advice given there.